Collaboration design package appears!

A collaboration design package with "Center in Compact", "Center in Happy Catch", "Kiyora" and ANNA SUI will be released in limited quantities from April 13, 2021.

* The port is sold separately.

This is a pint

· ANNA SUI The scent of this person

With a deep fruity floral, with a deep fragrance of color and loin flavor, ANNA SUI This person has been supervised.

・ Adopt the one-person pattern that was very popular in Japan

There is a one-person pattern that was very popular in the case, ANNA SUI The name is also We adopted the pattern of popularity.

・ Nafkin's individual packaging is also “cute and cute”

You have adopted a cosmetic-like network that does not look like a napkin. In addition, it does not bother you to remove it from the port. (Only the center-in-cis release)

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