The theatrical version of "Sailor Moon Eternal"

Sweet looks and rock hearts. Cute and cool, fantasy and wit.

GOOD With the BAD The ball.

A mix of conflicting tastes and attractive Anna Sui's accessories are

The theatrical version of "Sailor Moon" Eternal" And Pre-sale collaboration accessories!

Important items for Sailor Moon "Moon Calate Scope" Call out Pegasus

In the motif of "Crystal Carillon", All the scatters of Anna Sui 9 Seeds come on!

[First reservation acceptance period]

2021 Years Two Moon 18 Sun (Thu) 13 Time Starts

* If the expected quantity is reached, please accept your reservation earlier than the expected closing date. I may let you finish it.

[First-time reservation reception store]

ANNA SUI Official Online Shop

Bandai official character fashion site "Bankore!"

* There is no reservation reception at stores other than the above for the first time.

[First appointment accepted Product Delivery Time

Ana Sui official online shop, Bandai official character fashion site ''Bankore!''7 It will be handed over sequentially from around the month.

Directly managed stores and ANNA SUI The shop will start accepting reservations with the following dates.

[Store reservation reception period]

2021year3moon15day(Month) ~ 4moon9day(gold)

* Dates vary by store. For more information, click here

[For store reservation reception Delivery time

2021 Years 9 Scheduled from around the beginning of the month

* There is no stock sale in store. * For the convenience of production, the delivery time may be changed.

* You can actually see the product in each store.

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