Notice of product price revision

Thank you very much for always using Ana Sui official web store.

We have been striving to provide products to our customers at fair prices as much as possible, but due to the recent surge in raw material prices and production costs, and the rise in import costs due to fluctuations in exchange rates, it is difficult to maintain prices, and we have decided to revise the retail prices of some products from February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) .
We will continue to strive to further improve the attractiveness and quality of our products and our services to our customers.

Old part number 315940 Old Jodai ¥4,500→New part number 315941 New Jodai ¥5, 000

Rose Heart
Old part number 311630 []Old part number ¥18, 000New part number [ 012751]316910 New Generation ¥20,000
Old part number
311631 Former part number ¥15, 000New part number [ 012751]316911 New Age \ 17,000

Old part number
311632 []Old Age ¥10, 000New part number [ 012751]316912 New Age ¥11,000

Old part number
311633 []Old Generation ¥6, 800New [ 012751]316913 New Age ¥7, 800

Old part number
311636 []Former part number ¥18, 000New part number [ 012751]316914 New Age \ 20,000

Old part number
311637 Former Generation ¥8, 800New [ 012751]316915 New Age \ 10,000

Old part number
314212 Old part number ¥18, 000[ 012755]New 316916 New Generation ¥20,000

Playing Cat
Old part number 313756 Old Jodai ¥8, 800New 316833[] New Jodai ¥10, 000

We look forward to your continued patronage of ANNA SUI.

* If you purchase after February 1, 2023 (Wednesday), we will inform you of the new price.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.