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Nail Kit

2,400JPY~3,000JPY(tax not included)
*Prices vary depending on the product you choose.
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Nail-related products 2 items (You can select 2 from the following target products)
< Eligible Products>
nail color A/topcoat A/base [ 012751] Coat A/ Peel Off Base Coat / Nail [ 012751] Care Oil N/ Quick Dry [ 012750] Coat / Nail Color Remover N/ Nail &[ 012754] Body Sticker / Nail & BodyTatu
(NailCare Oil N only 1,500 yen, all others 1,200 yen)
Slide mirror (white)
* Limited to 5 items per person.
* Please note that we do not accept reservations.
* It will end as soon as it is gone.
* Anasui Cosmetics from all over the country except Amuse Beote Machida is eligible.