"ANNA SUI x Hi-Tech C Colette Collaboration Design"
Limited release!

With the pen "Hi-Tech C Coleto", which is made by freely selecting the body and refill of Pilot Corporation,
"ANNA SUI" collaborates in limited quantities!

"Hi-Tech C Coleto" allows users to choose their favorite color and writing width of the ball pen refill,
Choose combinations freely from sharp units, etc.
It is a multi-color and multi-functional pen that can be loaded into the body body “custom-made sense”.
"ANNA SUI" has two different bodies, one for three colors and one for four colors, designed with popular patterns.

The body for three colors is based on the brand image black, purple and white, hearts and flowers,
6 patterns with motifs such as butterfly, the body for 4 colors,
Put a brand logo or rose motif on the basis of black,
We have two simple patterns using metallic parts.

Limited refill case of jewel motif with original masking tape 10 Color sets will also be released at the same time.

Special On the site, with a pen Leaked wallpaper with the same pattern Not a present!

Special site is this

★On sale
★Selling To National famous stationery stores, department stores and mass retailers
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