Collaboration between ANNA SUI and Blueham ham is decided!

The four brothers of the space hamster who have more than 400 million views on animation on Twitter and TikTok and SNS, and have many fans overseas "The Fulham Ham." And,
ANNA SUI's first collaborative series
"ANNA SUI × BLUE HAMHAM" will be released sequentially from August 5th!

A handkerchief or smartphone case with a wide wing of butterfly wings or eyes,
2in1 tots in the set of two-side hacks,
If it's a smartphone cleaner with a phone,
A total of 11 kinds (*) Item or line up.
* Includes 2 products scheduled to be released in early September

The motif that symbolizes "ANNA SUI" of the butterfly and butterfly,
Popular character "Someham Ham" on SNS
Items of this release are available in the official ANNA SUI online store
Oh, my God.
"True Ham Ham" official online store,
In addition, Shibuya Station, PickUp Rankin Shibuya Chikamichi
In From August 5 Pre-sale We will start.

Pre-sale start date Friday, August 5, 2022

■ "ANNA SUI × BLUE HAMHAM" Pre-sale location
"ANNA SUI" official online store ( /)
· "Fulham Ham" official online store ( / )
· PickUp Rankin Shibuya Chikamichi (1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

* Each online store is Sales will start at 11:00

■ "Fury Ham"
Sound The To the food Um... Raw He's coming. "Space." Hamster " , Fulham Ham.
Unlucky Oh, my gosh. This one. And Earth trip Of the row On the way Lost child Become Earth To people They're picked up. .
Between Company Meeting Of Yeah. Mm. Sa I'm sorry. Sound The To the food Uh, That's right. Of Delicious And Yeah. To Stunning .
Earth Above Ron. Oh, my gosh. Music The Taste it Or Dream To.

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