Disney DISCO! series from ANNA SUI!

80 With the image of the disco scene of the ages Anna Sui DISCO! The series.
Mickey, Minnie and Daisy playing headphones and enjoying music.
Such characters love music very much, Ana. Meet Sui,
It was playful and cute.
Please enjoy special items you can only meet here
... DISCO Bag
A tote bag with Mickey, Minnie and Daisy boldly printed in their pockets. The accessory comes with a butterfly tag, which is also a symbol of Anna Sui. Simple tote without gore is active both as a leading role and as a sub bag
... DISCO Wallet
Swaying characters are cute wallet series.
If you open your wallet, the letters and details of DISCO! Colorful prints are cute and cute.
The attached card case is cassette tape pattern!
It is a series that combines playfulness and practicality.