1 Moon 23 In commemoration of the much-talked-about animation Shin Evangelion Theater Version, where a new movie will be released on the day, "Evangelion" and" ANNA SUI All that was collaborated on 12 Reception of items 2021 Years 1 Moon 13 Day ( Water ) 10 Time We will start to.

This product is "Evangelion" and fashion brand" ANNA SUI Is the first collaboration item. T Shirt, bag, wallet, towel, handkerchief, pouch, etc. 12 We will deploy the item.

ANNA SUI Combines motifs such as butterflies and roses, which are brand motifs, and motifs such as the first machine and the apostle, ANNA SUI I made an original design with a perfect score. "Evangelion" worldview and" ANNA SUI It is a special collection that combines the world view of"

★Reservation Period

2021 Years 1 Moon 13 Day ( Water ) 10 Time ~ 2021 Years 1 Moon 31 Day ( Day ) 23 Scheduled Time

★Product Delivery★

2021 Years Two Monthly Scheduled

・ Sales route: Bandai official shopping site'' Premium Bandai "

Ana Sui Japan Web Store Evangelion Store, etc.

★Store sales★

Scheduled for sale at Evangelion Store/Some department store stores from late February
Please contact us here about the store handling
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* If the number of preparations is reached, we may end the sale.

* Please check the product sales page for the latest information and details.

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