Honey Bear "Mimosa" × ANNA SUI
Collaboration model is coming!

We have finished accepting reservations.
6.5cm tall figure of a small bear that fits in the palm of your hand
"Honey Bear" Mimosa "and ANNA SUI collaborate!
Wearing a choker of the original butterfly charm,
The legs are decorated with a logo and a rose pattern.
It comes with a can box that can store bears and a jewel sticker that can be customized and played.
The sole of the bear is loaded with a magnet,
You can also take a cute pose on the can,
It is a special honey bear that gives fun and healing even if it is decorated.
We have finished accepting reservations.

Reservation acceptance period: Friday, June 30, 2023 at 10:00 ~ 2023 Year 7 Month 23 Day Sun. 23 Scheduled at 59
Delivery Date: 2023 Sequential shipment scheduled from late August
Payment: It will be your order.

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