February 22 said "I appreciate the happiness of living with my cat,
Cat's Day was enacted with the effect of "Memorial Day to instill this joy with the cat!"
Popular cat motif in Anna Sui appears!

ANNA SUI Icons, Black Cat TITI andCute Persian cat and
Sales of calico cat, black cat, bee-ware, and cat with plenty of impact!
* Handkerchiefs and wallets are scheduled to be sold after mid-February.

Some of the sales of the bag wallet, the accessories of the target
I made a call to Animal Donation, a public interest corporation.

-What is Animal Donation?
Mission with "Animal Welfare in Japan to Top Level in the World",
It is an intermediate support organization that supports dogs and cats that live with humans among animals.
Japan's first online donation site dedicated to animals, Anidone, was established.
Donations to "Anidone"
Anidone certified Distributed donations are made to animal welfare groups throughout Japan.

Animal Donation, a public interest corporation