Your Only Piece
Limited quantity, store limited sale!

Oh, my... Only Um... One bag G " Your Only Piece "

Sistay Nable Um... Tori As a combination , Old-fashioned jeans. Remake Um... , One point. Get the bag. We will sell .
Used for bags and wallets in the past , Dead Stock Of Bro Cech or chi Jarm ,
Embroidery Pen For I'm here. , Han. Eco-friendly to the leather of the dollar I used the book Numé. ,
This is it. Oh, my... Ri Clogged Bag Don't miss Oh, my God!

Printed "PHANTASMADELIC" which is the collection theme of 21FW.

It is Anna's own coinage, which is a combination of fantasy' and 'psychedelic'.

★On this site, sales will be started from 12/8 (Wed).

-Deployment stores (3 stores below)-

・ Lukua Osaka store 5F Ana Sui SHOP

· Daimaru Umeda store 4F handbag sales floor

・ Odakyu Shinjuku store main building 2F = Sandry's Arley

Details of stores handling other products are this