Notice of changing the package of some items, including wallet

Thank you very much for always using Ana Sui official web store.

We will change the package from box to drawstring as a sustainable effort.
As a sustainable effort, 2023 Beginning in the spring-summer season, it will move from the traditional black box to fabric drawstring.
Instead of paper boxes that customers no longer need and throw away after purchasing,
A nice original print as a gift, large and medium size,
I will give it to you in a drawstring that fits the size you want.

The drawstring type, which can be used repeatedly without throwing it away, is also a convenient pouch for putting accessories and other accessories.
"I want to store my luggage in a tote bag or body bag neatly."
Because it is a drawstring type, it is flexible to the shape of the thing inside, and it is convenient not to be bulky even in the bag.

So far, "I will throw it away after I buy it," " Of course " I was suggesting a shift in values that I felt in.

2023 It will be changed from the products of the spring and summer season, and the old products will It will be a conventional black box.
* At the time of delivery, do not tie the mouth of the drawstring, The drawstring containing the product will be in a transparent bag.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.