About delivery delay due to typhoon impact

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Due to the impact of the storm caused by the landfall of the island of Honshu during Typhoon 7, there has been a delay in the delivery and storage of your luggage in terms of safety operation management. Especially for luggage between East and West passing through the Kinki region, there will be a delay of one day or more.

In addition, in Shimabe, Kagoshima Prefecture and Okinawa Prefecture, which were affected by Typhoon 6, there are significant delays in delivery of luggage due to restrictions on the loading of aircraft in ferry and air transport in marine transport.

For luggage to the following areas, we will take care of "delay approval".

■ Areas where there is a delay in delivery of luggage
・ To a part of the island section of Tokyo from all over the country
・ From the whole country to the Tokai region, Kinki region, Shikoku region
・ Addressing nationwide from the Tokai region, Kinki region, and Shikoku region
· Hokkaido, Tohoku region, Kantō/Tokyo region, Koshinetsu region, Hokuriku region to China region, Kyushu region
· From China region, Kyushu region to Hokkaido, Tohoku region, Kanto/Tokyo region, Koshinetsu region, Hokuriku region
・ To the island section of Kagoshima Prefecture from all over the country
・ Delight from all over Okinawa Prefecture
・ From the whole Okinawa prefecture to the whole country

also,Due to the large holidayThere is a possibility of luggage delay during the period until Friday, August 19.
We are very annoyed to our customers, but we appreciate your patience.

For details such as luggage delay status, storage reception status, and business status of the sales office,
The site of the shipping agent ( Yamat Transport ).