Collection of "Demon Blade" and "ANNA SUI"
Store sales start on March 15!

Joint project with "Bandai Co., Ltd." ANNA SUI meets From "Demon Blade", "Demon Blade" × ANNA SUI Multi-scarf" ( All Four Species/each 3,850 Circle Tax-included ) , "The Demon Blade × ANNA SUI Socks" ( All 4 species/each 2,750 Circle Tax-included ) , Etc. 10 Items 2021 March of the year 15 Day ( Moon ) We will start selling sequentially at department stores and Anasui shops nationwide.

Also," ANNA SUI mini From "The Demon Blade" × ANNA SUI mini T-shirt ( All Three Species/each 6,490 ~ 7,590 Circle Tax-included ) New items for children's clothing Six Dot appears, Bandai official shopping site Premium Bandai" Bangkore! At the Anaheim Japan Web Store (our site) Three Moon 15 Day ( Moon ) 10 We start accepting reservations from time,
March 19 Day ( Gold ) More Nationwide ANNA SUI mini We will start selling in the shop.

3moon15day(moon)More sequential introduction

[Multi-scarf cap umbrella turban socks tights leggings]

Yurakucho Marui, Marui Marui, Marui Omiya, Marui Marui, Marui Marui, Ikebukuro Marui, Marui City Yokohama, Kitasenju Marui, Kobe Marui, Namba Marui, JR Nagoya Takashimaya, Tenmaya Okayama Honten, Kagoshima Yamagata, Tokiwa Oita, Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store, Kyoto Takashiya, JR Kyoto Isetan, daimaru Kyoto store, Kobe Hankyu, Kokura Izutsuya, Kumamoto Tsuruya, Seibu Ikebukuro main store, Hakata Hankyu

[Only multi-scarf cap, umbrella, turban]

Odakyu Shinjuku Store Anasai Shop, Liubou Industry Co., Ltd., Kintetsu Department Store Kashihara Store, Lukua Osaka, Daimaru Kobe Store, Nagasaki Hamaya, Hakata Daimaru, Daimaru Umeda Store, Yokohama Takashimaya

TShirt, face towel.Multi-scarf cap umbrella turban

Ana Sui Cosmetics Tennoji Mio Store, Ana Sui Cosmetics Nagoya Parco Store, Ana Sui Cosmetic Slaforet Harajuku

* Each item handles different stores.

Children's clothing" ANNA SUI mini ( Ana Sui Mini ) From "The Demon Blade × ANNA SUI mini T-shirt ( All Three Species/each 6,490 ~ 7,590 Circle Tax-included ) New items for children's clothing for spring and summer Six Dones come up.

12 Kids released on the moon Clothing And handkerchiefs and tissues, such as moving pockets that can be carried conveniently, are also on sale well received.

Handling stores and web stores

Three Moon 19 Day ( Gold ) Sales Start: ANNA SUI mini Shop Shops

List of stores handled

Handling Web Store


Bandai character fashion site "Bankore!"

· Ana Sui Japan Web Store ( The site )

· Reservation period: 2021 Years Three Moon 15 Day ( Moon ) 10 Time ~ 2021 Years Three Moon 31 Day ( Water ) 23 Scheduled Time

Product Delivery: 2021 Years Four Monthly Scheduled

Some items such as socks, scarves, handkerchiefs and bags are also well received.

Handling Store details here

* Please note that the handling items and sales period varies from site to site.

* If the number of preparations is reached, we may end the sale.

* Please check the product sales page for the latest information and details.

* The sale may have ended when you access the page.

* Product specifications may be changed without notice.

* Because the pictures you're showing are in development, they may differ somewhat from the actual product.

* It may sell outside Japan.

TVWhat is the anime "Demon Blade"

Original book 1 Volume ~ 23 The volume has a cumulative circulation of 1 Billion 5,000 Shueisha Jump that surpassed all copies Based on a manga work by Hoyoharu Gotoge, which is being published from Comics TV Anime.

2019 Years Four Starting broadcasting from the moon, the boy whose family was killed by a demon, Kanjiro Jimon, enlists his sister, who has become a demon, in order to return his demon, Tameko, to humans, this work is a painful story of people and demons, oniki's sword-geki, and the occasional comical scene to be drawn, also gained popularity and became a big topic not only in the country, but throughout the world.

And then 2020 Years 10 Moon 16 From the day, TV Anime Jirou Jirou Rishi, ed. The story that follows Infinite Train, ed. But is being released as a theatrical animation.

Official site

Ogo Gotoge/Shueisha, Aniplex Ufotable

* The "" of the bean bean is "Ne" + Er'' is the correct notation.