ANNA SUI Alice of Wonderland series appears!

Disney's Popular Alice in Wonderland Special collection with the motif appeared!
The mysterious and psychedelic art in which "Alice" strays in the story
Perfect for the world view of Sui.
It is studded with famous scenes and quotes that appear in the story, and it is sure to be tickled.

Deployed in 3 types of mini tote, smartphone shoulder and smartphone strap.
With black as the base, it was dark but ornate.

Mini tote with shoulder and excellent usability!
Gore is also solid, so although small luggage You can clean up.

The smartphone shoulder is also accented with butterfly charm, which is a staple of Anna Sui.
On the back, there is a happy card pocket.

A nice set of two long straps that can be hung diagonally and a show-toss trap that you can hold in your hand
The phone strap.  The characters of "Cheshire Cat" and "Alice" stand out.