"ANNA SUI x Juice Up",
Limited release of "ANNA SUI x Juice"

Last year 10 The first one that was released on the moon and received positive reviews (" ANASUI × High Tech C. Coleto ”),
Pilot Corporation Collaboration with No. Two This time it will be a bullet,

Gel Inqui Ballpoint Pen ANNA SUI× Juice Up, ANNA SUI× Juice
Popular Two Items will be released in limited quantities from Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

" ANNA SUI× Juice Up
Good for slanting Pilot Adopting the proprietary nib "synergy chip",
Gel Inqui Ballpoint Pen with Vibrant Coloration and Clear handwriting without oozing
It is based on "Juice Up".
The design is a black or white body which is the image color of the brand
" ANNA SUI Butterfly and flower, which are popular classic designs,
With motifs such as cosmetics Five We lined up the pattern.
In addition, ANNA SUI× Juice up Three Color set ANNA SUI It is a color that seems to be,
Black, red and violet ink colors selected Three It is a color set.

" ANNA SUI× Juice is a high mix of moisture (moisturizing) ingredients in the ink.
Prevents nib drying and leaves dark, vivid handwriting in smooth writing
It is based on the gel-ink ballpoint pen "juice".
The design is transparent to the body" ANNA SUI "Popular butterfly, flower, cosmetics, etc.
Body and similar color Six We have prepared an ink color of color.

Release date 2022 Years Three Moon 30 Day (Wed)

Selling To National famous stationery stores, department stores and mass retailers


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