ANNA SUI × Pokekoro

Dress-up smartphone app "Pokekoro" ANNA SUI Collaboration is finally realized!

2021AW Including the latest collection of
Actual ANNA SUI On the theme of the collection 52 Seed items are
It appears in a limited-time collaboration gacha!
"Pokekoro" anytime, anywhere ANNA SUI You can also enjoy the fashion look of
" ANNA SUI Interior items with the image of the shop,
Such as a colony of ingenious colors interspersed with striking purple colors,
ANNA SUI You can enjoy the view of the world.

Also, if you turn the gacha the specified number of times, ANNA SUI Accessories items that have been made into shopper items,
All Three A quest to get interior items that can be decorated in a room with a color nail bottle motif is also implemented!
Lovely. ANNA SUI The goods are won by lottery" Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign ",
" ANNA SUI With the motif of" Simeji Keyboard
We also have a limited-time campaign for free!

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[Collaboration holding period]
2021 Years Six Moon 23 Day (Wed) 10 Time 30 Minutes ~ 9 Moon 19 Day (day) 23 Time 59 Minutes