5/23 (Tue) ~ 6/27 (Tue) LaLaport at POPUP at Tachikawa
"Anyone" pre-sale!

5/23 (Tue) ~ 6/27 (Tue) LaLaport Tachikawa will hold POPUP handling bags, leather accessories and mobile goods.
In holding the POPUP,

The first unisex series" Anyone Pre-sale for two weeks.

Anyone... Ageless & Genderless”

Series created with the desire to bring it to anyone, regardless of gender age.

ANNA itself has been using various models regardless of gender, age and nationality, and has been transmitting borderless through shows and shootings.

I am glad if you can make this Anyone series bag one of the favorites of various people without a barrier.

◆ Deployment Store ◆
* Other stores are scheduled to start selling from Tuesday, June 6.

[EC site]

KUIPO online
ANNA SUI official website et al.
* This site will be sold on Thursday on 6/8.

[Real stores]

LaLaport Tachikawa
ANNA SUI Nishiito-cho Marui
ANNA SUI Lukua Osaka
Fukudaya Utsugu
Fukudaya Interpark Store