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Recommended base makeup for this spring.
Introducing glossy skin & silky skin.

Sui Black UV Makeup Water
Once your skin is in order,
Which skin will you get?

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  • Moisturized, luminescent Moist glossy skin
    UV base lotion "Sui Black UV
    Makeup water" for smooth skin
    UV protection too.
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    "BB Makeup
    Cream" for a beautiful three-dimensional face impression.
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    When the T-zone bothers you, loose powder
    (Mini) (200, 701) for moist and shiny skin
  • Smooth, smoothSilky skin
    UV base lotion "Sui Bra
    UV Makeup Water"
    for smooth skin.
    UV protection too.
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    Instantly smooth skin
    "Protective Beauty
    With "Balm", beautiful that does not lose to crumbling
    To the skin.
    The finish is an ultra-thin veil.
    "Sui Black Smooth
    Skin Powder for Makeup
    For pore-less silky skin.
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