The Zodiac Collection, which was sold and very popular since June of this year, is coming again!

Release date: Thursday, November 26, 2020 ~

Sweet looks and rock hearts.

Cute and cool, fantasy and wit.

GOOD girl and BAD girl.

A mix of conflicting tastes from the attractive Anna Sui accessories,

"Zodiac Collection" with 12 constellation motifs

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We will restock in the Stripe Department only.

Each motif is called constellation stone

Natural stones related to each constellation are combined,

With an elaborate design like ANNA SUI

Expressed with a beautiful color gradient.

His own zodiac sign, of course,

If you choose in the constellation of an important person, it is perfect for a gift.

It has long been said to call good luck

Accessories of the constellation motif are

It is an item you want to wear like a talisman.

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