Oil-based ballpoint pen "Akro ANNA SUI Collaboration" limited release!

Oily-based ballpoint pen with dark, clear handwriting and smooth writing taste"Akro" series and
ANNA SUICollaboration products with appeared!

The "Akro" series has a thick, clear handwriting and a sleek writing taste,
It is a series of oil-based ballpoint pens that employ the "Acroink", an oil-based ink with no cassoulet.
The ink color is all black, and the ball diameter adopts an ultra-fine 0.5mm, which is ideal for pocketbook and memo writing,
You can use it for various scenes.

"Akro ANNA SUI Collaboration Gold Line" adopts gold color for the metal parts of the clip, knob (knock part) and center ring,Combined with the logo mark and rose motif of "ANNA SUI", the design has a high-grade feeling that stands out with the matte texture of the metal body. The simple and ageless design is perfect as a gift in a paper package.

"Akro ANNA SUI Collaboration Silver Line" is based on the usual silver color for metal parts, the logo of "ANNA SUI" and the popular motif of cats, as well as original prints that appeared in past collections, cherry, flower, bouquet motif, it is a design suitable for everyday use despite the gorgeous image.

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