Revision of the Privacy Policy of this Site

The site is 2022 We will inform you that the privacy policy has been revised on March 10, year.

This revision is based on the content of the Privacy Policy, which is a promise regarding the handling of your data.
It's for more clarity. There is no new response to customers.
The main contents of the revision are as follows.

(1) We are co-used affiliates and personal information management officers
We can confirm the details of our company at the link on our company profile page.
For the use of personal information, information such as the browsing history of customers acquired from third parties
We already have personal information about our customers and
It is added as a supplement that there may be associated and use.
They are Cookie Or Google Analytics About information collection through
We will add a detailed description.
(4) Measures to properly handle customer data (safety management measures)
We will add a description of the specific contents.
Claim for disclosure of personal information of the customer has been specified.

It is more than necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact the contact of this site.