Umbrellas and scarves appear in the collection of "Cherries"!

Cherry pattern that appeared in the 2011 ANNA SUI Resort collection and became one of the icons of the brand.
In the spring of 2024, it appeared as a new collection "Cherries"!
An umbrella scarf with a luxurious cherry has been added to the lineup!
Cherry-pattern umbrella, butterfly hock is also a point like Anna Sui.
The cherry pattern using the archive pattern of 2011SS is pop and cute.
Available in three color schemes: cute saxophone and pink, and dark and adult black like Anasui.
You can use it for age-less in a calm chic style.

Long type narrow scarf is an elongated scarf that can be used in addition to scarves, such as hair arrangement, belt use, and wrapping around a bag.
The back is plain with an accent color in the heme.