Message From ANNA SUI


Born in Detroit, Michigan.After graduating from high school, he moved to New York and enrolled at Parsons School of Design. In 80, he released his original work. It was adopted in an advertisement published in the New York Times and attracted a lot of attention from the time of its debut.After that, he made his show debut in '91 and opened his first boutique in the Asian area in Tokyo in May '97. Anna Sui's original designs have had a great impact on the fashion industry today.

That's why fashion style leaders such as Naomi Campbell and Nicole Kidman have many fans. Anna Sui's expressiveness is not limited to fashion, but also demonstrates her sense of cosmetics, establishing a makeup called street cosmetics that was not found in conventional makeup.Needless to say, her infinite imagination has captivated women around the world.



Based on the concept of makeup "for fun", she packed her favorite things and said, "Let's enjoy makeup according to the mood of the moment, just like changing fashion and accessories." The various items created based on this idea are loved by many people and have been developing the one and only "ANNA SUI WORLD".

The unique and vivid color variations are expressed with a higher quality texture, and the package design, which symbolizes what Ana likes, is exquished with new charm by exquisitely mixing the three elements of "ANTIQUE", "AVANT-GARDE", and "rock" in the ANNA SUI style.

Ana Sui Cosmetics items faithfully express everything in the fantasy world that Ana dreams of, as if each one is handmade. IT FURTHER BRINGS OUT THE SOPHISTICATED AND LUXURIOUS SIDE OF ANNA SUI COSMETICS.

Please enjoy "ANNA SUI WORLD", which is so high-quality that you will forget your daily life!